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Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
I don't want to become overly political because this is a music forum after all, but the Internet makes it really hard to get rid of piracy at all.
I believe it is time for a system change in the big way. Get rid of our banking system alltogether, for abundance can not be errected on debts. If you try and do that you will only be able to create wealth at the expense of others.
The USA is considered a rich country, but they errected their 'wealth' at the expense of slaves. Actual persons have been exploited big way. And still this is happening all the time.
A society that bases their 'wealth' on lack must depend on lies, in order to sell the lack as wealth (it's called marketing). If your society depends on lies, how can you make honest business? If you can't make honest business, how can you stop pirates?
I do not think piracy is justifiable in many cases, but I also do not think the way capitalism is being practiced is that different from piracy.
Of course it is really sad for the guys at nine volt audio, same as anyone else who's stuff is pirated, but after all, those suffering from piracy as well as those practicing it, are victims of capitalism after all.
Wanna get rid of piracy?
Get rid of Banks, debts and capitalism!

Sorry for the rant, but I feel empathy will go all the way, if it can.
wow someone whos eyes are opened to the reality of a fascist police state that exists the world over world governement is immenant and you all worry about piracy lol .
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