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Originally Posted by superpatou View Post
Can you name one major civilization/empire/society in Europe or on the African Continent or in Asia or anywhere that became successful for many centuries without slavery or exploitation or war or economical domination of its neighbor? the USA is what HOT now but the way people think it could collapse from within and be replaced by something else one day. nothing is forever and ever.

But I understand it feels good to point the finger while pirating away. I mean if those developers could stop making babies they could stop complaining about their need to buy expensive formulas and diapers and feed their family from evil companies... I am sure it is their fault some how...
I believe it heavily depends on your definition of success. From my definition of success, I can say that there have been many societies especially in South America, who actually did live peacefully within their society.

I'm not asking for world peace (while I would certainly enjoy it), for I believe it won't happen within the current paradigm of competition and lack.
And don't get me wrong, I don't believe piracy is a good thing at all, but in my opinion, piracy is not only the unauthorized copying of 'intellectual property' but also the exploitation of people's lives and nature's resources.

Also I'm not going against USA here, cause I'm from Germany and there's lots of BS happening here aswell as in most (probably all) other countries. I was just taking it as an example for how exploitation isn't good, in whatever way you utilize it. I equally could have chosen the Roman Empire.

I believe if you give away your stuff for free and offer a donation link, some people will like it so much they'll pay something. But thats mainly about music and writing. I've never made software, so I don't know anything about the actual process. And again I don't think you should pirate at all, but if you eat an apple, sow the seeds.

sorry if you felt offended, it was certainly not my intent.