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Originally Posted by platzangst View Post
And replace them with what, exactly?

It's fine to blame the system - because it certainly is a flawed system - but without a workable replacement in mind, one might as well as be complaining that we are all slaves to food and oxygen. And as long as there is a person who does not care to just give away their goods or services without anything in return, there will always be capitalism.
I don't know yet what to replace them with just yet, that's why I'm experimenting.
while I agree with your idea on some level, I believe it is not empirically true (just like most of my statements btw).
Only as long as the persons who don't want to share, are granted more "power" that others, will that be the case.
if you're interested: here's an approach to society.
It's not perfect yet, but they're improving all the time

Also the venus project has some interesting ideas on the matter (though I don't like their way of propagating)