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Originally Posted by platzangst View Post
And replace them with what, exactly?

It's fine to blame the system - because it certainly is a flawed system - but without a workable replacement in mind, one might as well as be complaining that we are all slaves to food and oxygen. And as long as there is a person who does not care to just give away their goods or services without anything in return, there will always be capitalism.
Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
I believe it heavily depends on your definition of success. From my definition of success, I can say that there have been many societies especially in South America, who actually did live peacefully within their society.

I'm not asking for world peace (while I would certainly enjoy it), for I believe it won't happen within the current paradigm of competition and lack.
And don't get me wrong, I don't believe piracy is a good thing at all, but in my opinion, piracy is not only the unauthorized copying of 'intellectual property' but also the exploitation of people's lives and nature's resources.

Also I'm not going against USA here, cause I'm from Germany and there's lots of BS happening here aswell as in most (probably all) other countries. I was just taking it as an example for how exploitation isn't good, in whatever way you utilize it. I equally could have chosen the Roman Empire.

I believe if you give away your stuff for free and offer a donation link, some people will like it so much they'll pay something. But thats mainly about music and writing. I've never made software, so I don't know anything about the actual process. And again I don't think you should pirate at all, but if you eat an apple, sow the seeds.

sorry if you felt offended, it was certainly not my intent.
HAHA! Relax dude! first this is the internet and then you are a Reason user: 2 reasons I will never be offended by you or any other. It is a waste of time to be mad on any forum.

Everything you could imagine a society could have been was tried before. Everything. Beside a lack of hygiene (based only on our 21st century standard) or tools we were the same 3000 years ago. Everything good you could imagine happened before and is still happening. The human nature forces us to believe the exact reversal was and is still true. every time someone says "Hey! let me help!" we have to assume there is someone else at the opposite end of the equation looking for exploiting a situation and get away with it.
No need to go geopolitical and go back 1000 of years for examples. We have the perfect example with Reason and the need to have a dongle. For 1000 of (software) years they was no true protection in Reason. In about a few alta vista/hotbot/google clicks you could find a way to use it and never look back. Either the Props were looking at the cat and mouse game with Steinberg and H2O for many years or they "forced" people to use cracked Reason like drug dealers with free samples then BAM! Locked all of us down for good like slaves!
Or maybe the Props are cool ppl trying to use capitalism to their benefit and the benefits of their employees and family with a long term vision to keep food on the table everyday producing stuff we like?