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Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
I don't know yet what to replace them with just yet, that's why I'm experimenting.
while I agree with your idea on some level, I believe it is not empirically true (just like most of my statements btw).
Only as long as the persons who don't want to share, are granted more "power" that others, will that be the case.
if you're interested: here's an approach to society.
It's not perfect yet, but they're improving all the time

Also the venus project has some interesting ideas on the matter (though I don't like their way of propagating)

I love the Venus Project. I just pray this will never ever happen for real :-) And i have watched that movie many times.
The guy is a true genius but his vision is the vision of a technician and not a a sociologist. His equation is based on the fact all of his humans will behave the same all the time. I do not remember places for children to run around free, nor places for people to tag walls and make graffiti on the doors of super fast lifts... His vision is based on his character and experience of life through is own eyes. So it is a very cold world were fashion is pretty much unisex and people eat the same food most of the time. Every time I went to Disney World in FL I remember it as almost a Venus project but for fun. I love, love this place. Can I see myself and my family waking up to that world every day for the rest of my life? most people would commit suicide and i believe this is what a Venus project would do on the mind of many, unless they use heavy dose or reconditioning through medication to keep everyone happy all the time...