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Originally Posted by platzangst View Post
And replace them with what, exactly?

It's fine to blame the system - because it certainly is a flawed system - but without a workable replacement in mind, one might as well as be complaining that we are all slaves to food and oxygen. And as long as there is a person who does not care to just give away their goods or services without anything in return, there will always be capitalism.

It's basically easy, this system is not broken, it was build like this. It's a big bubble because of the interest. The interest is money which have never ever existed. !

As long as we have the interest, no major problem in the world can be solved ! We live in a purposed win or lose society overflooded with crap, illusions, poison and wars which allows to make profits with suffering people, and regardless of the consequences.

In a win win society we would have also rich peoples, so capitalism is not the problem, but we would not have poor people anymore and the market would be flooded with quality products.

Say you get 2500 bucks for nothing just to have a carefree live. And this is possible as well as the banks can create as much money as they need to keep the current system alive.

You may say, why i should go working when i get enough money from gov. anyway !
Well, a win win society allows you to have a carefree living without working, but you can't put aside the
basic income you get monthly. So you even forced to spend the money into the industrie or anything else.

But what if you want more, a brandnew car or a own house. How you can achieve this with the money you can only spent and not save ? Right, you have to work, because in a win win society only the working people can save money + they still get their basic 2500,- just to spent every month !

So all people , working or not, can push the sales for products which are affordable with this basic income. So no one needs to pirate anything anymore. Especially the music & movie industrie will profit from this and make even more money then ever. And a lot new exciting quality products will apear in any branch, maybe not as much as we have now, but with the best quality available !

Now some will maybe ask, what if nobody wants to do anything ? well, the humanity always wants to grab the stars and alway's proofed the drive without having money. We will still have company's and factory's owners and working people who want more then just a carefree living.

And all these factory and company owners will be even forced to develope real quality and also have to convince "all" people to work for them and not opposite. Otherwise they will go down faster as they came up, because there will be no one anymore who have to buy crap just because not having enough money !

So without the interst we would have a win win society, with a non splitted one world bank just managing our money and not gamble with or make more without a equivalent.

Money has to flow, it's nature is to spent it and not to abuse it to play games with !

And it's absolutely nothing wrong about to discuss things like this in any forum. This concerns us all !