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CV Explanation


Got a quick question on a subject I probably ought to know more about - That is CV values when controlling a parameter. I've just picked up the Pulsar unit and after some initial scepticism I realise it can (help) make some pretty awesome sounds. Mostly I just play by ear so found my self a little foggy on this one.

Ok, I use CV all the time and am familiar with the fundamentals. What I'm a little unclear about is what value is (or range of values which are) actually controlling my parameter. I'll try explain what I mean with a simple example.

Pulsar LFO 1 > Combinator Rotary 1 (with 'Ancient of Days' patch - Filter frequency).

Firstly I can set the 'Level' control on the LFO, then there's the rotary on the back CV In, finally there's the position of the paramter itself - in this case Filter Frequency.

The way I understand it is the LFO Level governs the amplitude. The CV In affects the amount of signal 'let in' to the control. And the Frequency knob determines the baseline position of the signal.

So if my LFO (say, sine) Level is set at 50%, the CV In is at 50% and the Filter Freq is at 50% I should expect the Frequency value to modulate at 50% +/- 25%.

Is that right? (scratching head).