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Lightbulb recording of LFO modulated potentiometers

when i assign a LFO to a modulation routing matrix (eg. guitar Amp Wah frequency),
i would like to be able to record the motion to a midi controller lane.

this would be useful to allow a periodic variation of the modulation in a controlled fashion.

it looks like Reason already gives the MIDI control lane precedence over the LFO controller and this makes the data logically flexible, however there needs to be a parameter to resolve the jump cut effect of LFO irregular or invisible data values as they correspond with midi controller lane data (a ghosted graphical representation of the LFO profile ?).

data smoothing value comes to mind where there is a curve applied to the data if it jumps from 25 to 80 or if the difference is greater than 10 midi units (0-127) in 1/8th bar or something using pull down menus ...