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Question MIDI IMPLEMENTATION CHART numbers issue

Ahoy my fellow Reason lovin' 2 handy playin' synthesizer piano friends,

In a further quest to setup my MPK 61 / Macbook pro 13" / Reason 6.5 I found out about this
Implementation Chart.

The chart says that the control number for example "master level" is 7 on Malstr├Âm
But when I turn a MPK knob that gives 7 it turns the spread knop!
I found that a knob with the number 9 turns main volume.

So what's up with this experience?!
It's the same for example Thor; The chart says Contr. # 7 = master level but the knob that sends
7 turns the filter 3 drive...

What do I miss? I know by using the tab Options / remote override edit mode
I can see the knobs standard mapping but it makes no sense with the chart!

Where on earth can I find the right standard mapping and is it possible to change it?

After my full week research on the pad problem I had, I'm al little bit tired and as we say
in Holland: "I don't see the forest trough the trees"...
I'm wearing Tandstick├Âr matches between my eyelids from the sleepless nights.

So what's up with this, any of you Reason veterans might know?