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Wink mixer??????

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i own vsts and i own several daws and reason as well. re is good for what it does i personally hate a ton of pop up windows especially when im working its take no less 1minute for me to setup rewire which i find myself using less and less. i dont work for propellerhead but i understand the vision that have for there product. its the only daw thats out to me that i feel like im using hardware with the way the rack is setup and i find myself learning new tricks. are there feature i would love to see in reason. yes but vsts in not one of them so far. re for me are a wonderful tool and great expansions for my workflow. right now re is new like i state before in less than 6 months we have 50 re's available. now of course most of us want more instruments. i have enough effects right now to get the job done. i have tons of sounds as well. i would like props to focus on the mixer and sequencer a little bit more. and think they will. oh yeah i also want midi out lol.
Let me say that the mixer is PERFECT as is, they got it right the first time! (except for not being able to group tracks without creating other devices) As I hope you know, there is no other DAW that contains an actual "mixer". Yes Reason was made for musicians and the mixer may have a bit of a learning curve but I think the people who don't like it need to do some research on what they have and what the mixer is capable of. I am a professional Audio Engineer and as such, I work with the real physical version of this console 3-4 times a month, among other version of SSL consoles. So dude...please quit raining on our REWire parade... when it comes out.... just don't use it.... simple as that.