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Sending chords to a synth by pressing a button?

Let's say I have a rack made of Thor 1 and Thor 2.

It's a live gig. I'm playing Thor 1 on my keyboard.

From time to time I'd like to be able to play a chord on Thor 2: sustain notes, that will keep playing in the background while I'm playing Thor 1.

Is there a Reason device that allows me to do this?

The notes could be pre-determined. For example:
I'm playing in C on Thor 1, so I get Thor 2 to accompany me with a sustained C chord (that was programmed before the gig.)
Then a minute later I'm playing in F on Thor 1. So I trigger Thor 2 so it gives me an F chord (that too was programmed before the gig.)

The chords for Thor 2 were prepared before the gig. I trigger them (with a button?) when I need them while playing.

Kind of like a loop. But a MIDI loop?

How could I do that?