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Rewiring FL as a slave into Reaper as a Host; Detecting FL?

(Issue regarding detecting FL Studio when trying to ReWire in Reaper.)

Hola, you unconditionally sexy people of DSP!

As a long-time FL-wanker, I just decided to expand my toolbox to the obviously awesome Reaper; mostly for the 64-bit processing compatibility; and its subsequent solid stability, hoping it will allow me to render some FL projects my computer couldn't handle in the desired sample rate. (96khz)

Also, with the addition of not only 64-bit processing, but 64-bit floating point summation, it looks like an impressive package.

But alas, when trying to open ReWire as a VST in a new track, FL is nowhere to be seen on said ReWire-list. :/

FL is installed properly, Reaper is installed properly; but it doesn't show up..
I suspect it may be a matter of the correct .dll's being in the incorrect folders or something like that; anyone who could elaborate?