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Recreating song, how to bassline?

I'm trying to learn how to music. I need some advise.
I'm new, don't know theory, understand how music works, just never made any, and I like Jazz.

I got myself a little Midi kayboard, connected it to my laptop and am trying to learn to use the music making software, I'm getting really into learning the theory but i'm horrible at finding good resources.
> I've labeled all of the keys on the keyboard with the corresponding notes
> Made a few little songs, got familiar with the concept of layering, creating tones with the synth etc
> I figured the best way to learn would be to electronically reproduce songs to the best of my ability So I chose this one because I love how the drum comes in at the start, and the cool main piano tune. I've done alright so far, the sounds i'm using arn't quite as rich as on the original track, but for the time being I have the intro drum and the Epiano good.

My dilema; I want to throw in a bassline, I can hear it in the song, but I can't reproduce it. So I want to freestyle it. I know the lead riff has these notes: Bb G F E Eb. Is there a scale or some guideline I can follow?