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Originally Posted by chrisandcrystal View Post

I blacked out the text because I'm not sure if the text actual means anything but it's a lot like this:

- plank, polak, plink.
(minimal techo)

- tooty, twat, teet, too.
(Jazz improvision)

I'd rather there be no license / reg code than this :\
Listen, reason and other propellerhead products have a license key that looks a little like this:

Reason 6.5: RSN650-1234-567890
Limited: REL100-1234-567890-AV1A-A12B-A12B
(These are made up numbers just to show you what you should see).

Dunno about balance/essentials licenses.

If you dont have a code like that, its not going to register. So either there is something you are not reading in the manual of your copy, or you have been screwed. It seems the other guy that started this thread still doesnt have a working version. So this emphasizes what i mean.