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Work in Progress - Miasma (tracked hardware)

Ok so I have been getting back into 100% hardware production work (especially for sound design and sequencing).
I have used Maschine for the ambient drones only, all other parts are Elektron Monomachine and Machinedrum.
It has no mixing, channel eq, compression and only two send effects (with zero automation this far) and will be appearing on my next Filter Label release.
Quite impressed with what you can do with the Elektron sequencers - haven't had this much fun in ages I must confess - really need to try sequencing Kong with the Monomachine some day (would be interesting to say the least).
Just thought I'd share a little something as I have been away and busy in the studio for some time.
It will sound a lot better when finished but you'll get the overall vibe I am sure.
Now if only Reason had midi out or could send out master sync clock for MTC/MMC I'd be a very happy chap indeed.
Hands on beat programming - seriously you can't beat it (no pun intended) I just get far more creative when using a tactile interface and P-Locks are just fantastic on the Machinedrum. .

Please note this is not the complete track -
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