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SOLD - First off, can I apologise for my username. It goes way back to when Reason 1 first came out, and a friend, for some reason, set up my user account, and thought it would be funny to give me that username, and I have never been able to change it. Cheers dude. Anyway, it has never been a problem before because I don't think I've ever posted here...until now, and it's to sell my license, which, as I said, I have had since Reason first came out. It will be sad to let it go, but I'm just not using it anymore. I held on until Rack Extensions came out thinking that might re-ignite my interest, but alas no. It's time to say goodbye. Flatpack 3 (Discs not download) and Filter Research (download) refills included (worth about £80 in total I think). All Boxes, discs, manuals and ignition key are in excellent condition. £220 including delivery.

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