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Yes definitely a good craftsman will always do a better job with the same tools and the end result is what counts to the listening public. Just making a point that a lot of the technical side will be dispensed with in time, probably more of a threat to mastering engineers than artists initially; for some it will be a godsend for others it will be a dumbing down to far. I wonder what affect it will have on the perception of electronic music though, how many times have you heard, usually an Indie kid who can play a few famous guitar riffs and just listens to music never creates, say "electronic music is just random samples strung together with no skill, it's not music, they don't even play instruments" I know this statement is not true but it doesn't stop people peddling the myth. I think the de-skilling that is inevitable with technological advances, will damage electronic music as an artform and will probably fuel the misconceptions.