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How to adjust MIDI Velocity Sensitivity?

I have both a Novation SL MKII and an Arturia Analog Experience keyboards.

I know how to adjust velocity curves on both.

I can get the Arturia to behave reasonably regarding velocity with Reason 6.5

With the Novation the Velocity can't be set aggressive enough for a light touch action.

I have to slam the keys on the "Concert Grand Piano" to get them to ring. If I don't, the notes do not ring and are damped.

I also use Notation Composer (like poor mans Finale) and use a software MIDI Cable called LoopBe30 to feed Reason. It's MIDI Composing tool.

But I can see the same problem if the MIDI file has an average velocity of say 80 on the notes and are Muffled and don't ring.

If I boost them to 96 they ring nice, so it's similar issue as with the Notation.

There should be a way to preprocess the MIDI Velocity, I've heard other apps have it and someone with the same KeyBoard boosted velocity by 20 to solve the problem (I think the DAW was called Logic). Or tell the instrument how sensitive to be with a given MIDI stream.

I'm using the Piano from the Abiram Brizulia example and switched it to Concert Grand Piano.

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