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Originally Posted by RasCricket View Post
My sentiments as well.

You really should react less to anything I say. I find it very odd you feel such a need to challenge me all the time. Issues for sure.
I'll always call people on their BS, sorry man that I can't change.
Read what I posted betore you snapped back homeboy. Wasn't anything "personal" in there.

There's no argument to be had here. Reason works fine for me. Others seem to have issues....sooo
Ill say it again, SHARE info.
Post up test tracks or songs so that guys like me with no DSP issues and guys like you that do have them can collaborate on the issue until somewhere someone figures out more on the issue or, we expose the culprit.(OS, drivers etc)

It's the only way real way to help anyone. But you only wanna talk that dumb shit....
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