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Naming convention for Rack Extensions?

Hi all,

This actually is a question to both propellerhead and uhbik. I have noticed that every other device has a description in the context menu in reason.

But the ReStereo and Uhbik devices don't in the case of restereo i dont really care because i know what it is, but in the case of uhbik devices i keep forgetting which is which.

Is there a way to make the convention mandatory? Like the names i would like to see in that list are:

Uhbik A - Ambience & Reverb
Uhbik F - Flanger
Uhbik Q - Equalizer
Uhbik S - Frequency Shifter
Uhbik D - Multitap Delay

I am not using the devices on every track so sometimes its hard to remember which is which by just Uhbik and a letter.