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Originally Posted by Wyggy View Post
Most of the other "slave" applications would have the limited sound pallet of Roland and (do you remember, Yamaha?) Of course, if you have another hardware set-up that you can put your own sounds into' then it might be useful. Since you can now sample your own sounds in Reason, you can do it all in several of the "Instruments" and play them back with no difficulty.

When setting up the control surfaces you choose your midi out, presumably this is only used to re-set the pre-sets on the controller but midi does go out.

The very cheap "Reaper" should satisfy most people's yearning to be in control.
I for one as a guitarist would like to create a sequencer track and have it change my floorboard settings as I go from part to part in a song. That way I don't have to tap dance while playing.