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Random Generated Music (Xmas Refill Combis)

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Don't expect too much, it's randomly generated after all If we could copy the info these devices produce to the sequencer their power would be truly useable

A clip of two random play instrument combis (+3 FX Combis) I've submitted for the Reason PUF Free Xmas Refill.

The guitar is played using a Morfin XF Combi "Guitar 4 Chord Switcher" and has an insert FX Combi (Etch Red) "Guitar Stomp Box 1".

The lead is played using a CV Tuner Combi "Melody Maker 2" and has two insert FX Combis (Yoko and DR-1) "Simple M-Band Filter" and "DR-1 Bass Sanctuary & Widener".

The drums are played by the PDT2 and again are randomly generated (couldn't do Combi as proprietary samples). I haven't written a note of this clip, it is all randomly generated.
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