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Originally Posted by Crution View Post
Ok so overall:

I started using Reason 3 (about) four years ago, on my old computer. I ran XP on that one and Reason would save the rns files into the Program Files/Proppellerhead/Reason folder.

Then 2 years ago I got a new computer, and installed Reason 3 on that one. Starting there Reason would no longer save the rns files in the Program Files/Proppellerhead/Reason folder. I noticed, but did not do anything because everything worked fine.

Then a couple of days ago, my computer crashed. I used an Ubuntu Disk to get into the computer and made a copy of my entire HD.

Now I reinstalled Windows, reinstalled Reason, finally found the directory in which the rns files were saved (in the copy of my HD), but am not able to open them, because Reason tells me "Bad format".
The directory you stated before seems like its a temperory directory for windows. Look if theres another location with the files.

Also next time make a backup of just your project files.