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Online Support for users


I think the forums are a great way to find the answer to your questions - there is generally nothing better than collaborating with colleagues and using their experience to help you. This is also a great business model as it means the company do not need to invest as much into supporting people online themselves.

However I do feel the props could do more in this space. Ive obviously no idea how things work in the background but if you had a knowledgebase feeding online external customer support and also your internal support teams I believe customer satisfaction and call deflections could be improved. Online you could provide capabilities such as Suggested Help / Related Help / Hot Topics etc - all could be targeted at users based on their product usage / forum usage / experience etc. If the majority of users are connected via internet you could also provide targeted in product help in much the same way as well as pushing messages to users as and when required (ie service alerts / marketing messages - new RE instore etc). Clearly a lot dont use their DAW whilst connected so this particular part may not be cost effective.

Industry best practice shows that given the investment up to 80% of calls can be deflected in this way - and there are many other returns on investment. Online help and in product help are standard in other industries - im not sure how the Props compare to other competitors in this industry but I do feel there is a big opportunity to improve this space and potentially get a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Unsurprisingly I know this space as work as a Knowledge Manager and am the business owner for a knowledgebase. Im not trying to pimp myself here as I dont want to move to Sweden (unless they pay is amazing?!?!) - however I did want to raise this as potential feature improvements, especially as I occassionally see people complaining of customer service on the forums
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