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Originally Posted by sazi View Post
"Let's just explain some of the superior benefits with Renoise, and still act ignorant shall we."
You obviosly know what Renoise can do, yet you can't see any benefits with having control and power like that within Reason's interface? The sample-editor alone would be enough for many people to buy a RE like that. When people see how fast and easy it is to program complex beats, breaks and riffs in a tracker, they'd be blown away.

I am a registered user of Renoise. I do use it with Rewire and Reason.

The purpose for having a tracker-like unit inside Reason is because of its samplebased power and control, as you said. However at present I can't master my stuff on Reason without rendering my Renoise-work as wav and importing it into Reason. If Reason had rewire hosting capabilities my problems would be solved.
Do you think most end users will be able to switch back and forth between a tracker paradigm using key commands and hex entry and midi as it stands in Reason without having ever used it ?
It's a realistic question to ask - some people just don't gel with the tracker paradigm.
People realize how powerful trackers can be.
The way you can scramble a humble break in Renoise can make rex files look like an embarrassment.
I agree with you the audio editor, and the power of Renoise is a huge selling point, never really liked Jeskola Buzz for example but Renoise is a really slick, super stable and incredibly powerful tool.
I also agree that you can get a level of complexity out of trackers that's hard to beat.
I personally think Reason should be updated to have either bidirectional rewire or to operate as either a Rewire Master or Slave - personally one of Renoise's selling points is it's VST compatibility which is a real bonus when dealing with FX within the program itself.
I just wouldn't want 1/4 of a great tracker like applications power bolted into Reason when the sum total of the experience would be lost as a consequence.