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Originally Posted by Djjimmyc View Post
Personally, i wouldn't jump on the parallel comp straight away.

i use it all the time on separate hit as well as whole busses but i'd say its better to practice layering without it and get it sounding plump first.

that way when you do use it you're making a good sound even better, rather than trying to make a mediocre sound passable....if you catch my drift
Idk, I regard a heavily compressed version of the snare just as another layer option If it works or not has to be decided on a case by case basis as always Same for other mics on the same instrument with and without processing.

For example, its very common to record the set of the artist with a lot of mics, then layer the single sounds from multiple recordings and later use those layered samples to drop it in using Drumagog. At least 70% of radio "acoustic drum" recordings have been done this way I guess. You never hear any spilling nowadays anymore really, so as thats not possible it must be dropped in samples at some points at least
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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