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On a rail [electro jam with sax appeal]

So, I was dicking around with some RE testing last night, and this came out of it. Then this morning I thought... needs sax! I could probably tidy up some of the sax bending a bit, but ultimately it's a sampled sax, so what ya really gonna do?!

At seven minutes fifteen seconds, it's probably six minutes fifty nine seconds too long... but I get carried away.

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ReFill list;
Propellerhead: FSB (loops)
Jiggery-Pokery: Additions / Blue Meanie (leads)
Big Fish: Vintage Horns (baritone sax)

RE List:
Korg: Poly6 (bassline)
Izotope: Ozone
Jiggery-Pokery: Anansi / Itsy
Softtube: SatKnob / TSAR1R
Propellerhead: Pulsar
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason