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Originally Posted by 123bpm View Post
three things will make Record a real DAW:

1. Midi Out
2. Latency compensation of external effects
3. Subgroups

Currently there is no way to sync an external drummachine to Record, because Record as a midi clock slave will not sync properly, although it is written in the manual.

For what are all the inputs and outputs in Record, FOR WHAT?! To mix on an external mixer? For a life performance? To access record as a big midi device? Ha! There is midi AGAIN! Only showing up as midi IN. If I want to include external effect units (as shown by the way in a video from Propellerheads!) I need latency compensation. But I also need midi out to automate these units.

There is no way to avoid having midi out unless you use Rewire, but who wants to got this way?

And I dont care if I need it or not, that is selfish. THE PROGRAM needs it, because the users need it and I vote for those the users.

Any discussion about the IF is ridiculous. I am not asking for a gourmet lunch, just for bread and water.

That sums it up pretty much.

And its not that there are "5 new features" and we can only have this or that ... That are merely SUBFEATURES and should be treated as such. So everything I mentioned should be just covered as ONE NEW FEATURE in the next release. And why is that so? Because take a look at the DAW market and competition and then you know.
Good point of view!
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