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Turn OFF all MIDI Implementation

I have been using Reason since it's inception. Replaced all of my rack gear with Reason, toured all over the globe with it. I teach electronic percussion with Reason as the Main sound source, teaching the concepts of synthesis thru it's simple yet elegant interface, at one of the highest regarded Colleges for the Arts in the US. I am not blowing my horn, just attempting to get some cred here.

I am begging you to PLEASE make it possible to simply turn off all of the CC assignments and note assignments (some of which are not mentioned anywhere in the manual, such as, I believe F0 starts the transport?!?).

I think that pretty much everyone is ok with MIDI Learning (remote overriding) these days or loading a template patch for this or that device. It's just impossible to take a new controller such as say the Keith McMillen QuNeo (x, y and pressure on each of 16 pads with pressure, direction, location, etc., on 11 other sliders and rotaries), set it up for Video Manipulation (Isadora, Jitter, etc.) AND Reason manipulation with all of the hard-wired Reason CC's waiting to render one helpless.

xoxo, AK