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Post The Global-Programmer!!!!!!!

this is f*cking amazing!!!

a new window.. the global programmer!!!!
you can have as many rotarys or buttons you want..
just add a new button to the list and connect it with unlimited sources and destinations..

4 rotarys in a row .. and this in an unlimited, able to scroll down window
maybe just a button for: create a new rotary or button row ..

with this global prgrammer it would be possible to connect any fader or knop
with any other fader or knob.. in the whole reason programm..
also ssl channels and the mastersection what ever... anything!

next step is a CV input RE-unit..
now we are able to route any CV signal to any knob or fader or rotary

the combinator is an amazing tool.. but just 4 knobs/rotarys
and it is not possible to connnect more than 8 destinations..
and it is also not possible to take a SSL Aux1 as destination!

why not put the whole reason programm into something like a Global Combinator???
into a Global-Programmer...
anything with everything...

it should be a big step i think...