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Improved audioclip processing

When using a single comp-row I used to cut some sections and moving them forward or backward in order to improve their timing. I then use the time-strech function on the other slices to close the gaps. When listening to the whole clip the timing has of course improved but I hear too much clicks and artefacts. Then, I have to maually adjust the levels in the transisions in order to get a perfect result, and this takes a lot of time. It would be nice if Reason had a function like "smoothen clip transitions" or "automatically create crossfades" and does this work for me. (Doubling the comp-row doesn't help in this case).

Some other small remarks:
When opening a new additional file, Reason loads it and when the loading is finished the previously opened file lights up. It would be better if the just loaded file would light up.

When changing an event (for example moving a note), then go somewhere else and click "undo" in some cases Reason focuses on the undone note and in some others not. I think it would be better if Reason would always go back to the changed event 'cause sometimes one may forget what has been undone.

When changing to edit mode the zoom should remain the same.

In the homepage, when browsing around in the Rack Extensions site the only way to go back "home" is to click "account" first. Maybe this can be done more intuitively.