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Post Reason 7 Needs This Pay Attention

Reason 7 Wish List

1) recycle integration should not have to use a separate program to chop samples.
2) and effect module that does beat repeat similar to gross beat in fl studio
3) a new module dedicated to great orchestral sounds like project sam
4) Support for all music formats sometimes i load patches and it says format not supported
5) faster loading of patches fl studio literally loads drum sounds way faster than reason
6) cheaper rack extensions prices are way to expensive just for a extension
7) take a good look at refx Nexus vst and try to give us a new sound module similar to that
8) in the sequencer keys should light up like in fl studio when pressed or played
9) should have a dedicated sound font player for playing sound fonts not using nnxt
10) give us better eq effects where we have points we can move up and down to adjust eq setting not have to guess and turn knobs something similar to eq in fl studio much easier to manipulate
11) and effect module similar dbblue glitch where we have tapestop, and pitchshift fl studio is
blowing you guys out the water because this is simple things reason should have been had by default.

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