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OT Rant. Music isn't MP3s.

I have to rant. Sorry. For all your music producers still working with MP3s, sharing MP3s, etc. Forget being considered quality.

As some of you know I'm music supervisor on a tv show and 3 of the 4 artists that the producers liked and contacted before I came on board sent me their music...for HDTV as MP3. How bad would I make the show sound if I upsampled a bunch of compressed MP3s up to 48Khz 24bit audio? I'd get laughed out of LA.

So, note to you from me personally. If MP3s work for you to share with friends or for users to purchase for their devices. That's great. I have no issue with that. But do understand the limitations of the use of your music if you only work at low data rates.

Once it all gets mixed together you'd be surprised the noise that comes out of those compressed files.

ok, it wasn't a was more of a Firm Tip O The Day. ))))

I'm getting great artists submit their stuff and I have to tell them it sounds like crap digitally speaking. It hurts my soul. Consider your art worthy of more potential and then others will too. I'm now limited because of the lack of knowledge by the artists (and their reps which is the surprising part).

I'm not saying you all have to work at 96kHz 24bit audio. But at least be ready to export cd-quality at a minimum.

I say this with love for the music everyone is doing. I love it. I can't use it.
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