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You really don't need the record/reason 5 licenses to upgrade to 6/6.5 - what you need is your original reason version base license.

the upgrade cost is the same whether you upgrade from reason1 or reason5 - and you can skip over versions, because the 'upgrade' is only a pricing and license thing - the actual software you get will be a complete new version (i.e. it fully replaces any previous version, as opposed to adding on to a previous version installation).

if you started at reason4, then that will be your base license.

if you still have the old computer (laptop it is still running on) then open reason 4, and look in help >> about reason which will show you your license number.

if you never registered reason to your old account, you can use that reason4 license information to register under this new account.

otherwise, if you registered the license to your old account, you'll have to contact support and prove you own the software and either have them change the email on your old account and reset the password - or transfer your old license to this new account.

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