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What specs are you running?

So lately my Mac (3.4 intel i7, 8GB DDR3 Ram OS X) Is running pretty slow when running Reason 6.5 wired with Cubase 6.5. To be fair I do have a lot of effects and units running at the same time and I sometimes get the message "unable to handle midi load" or something similar. Its starting to crackle, pop, and stutter when i play back the track as well.

I do require a lot of power for all the stuff im running so what do you think would be a more ideal spec? Intel i7 with 8GB ram I thought would have been sufficient but apparently not.

Are there any settings on my mac i can change to optimize for audio? Ive done all the basics stuff like turning off wifi and using an Ethernet cable for internet access etc. Would be interesting to hear other people specs and what they are doing.