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Originally Posted by zillis View Post
I have the 37 key Korg Micro, sadly it's the boring black and white one, but it's still a really nice set of keys. I didn't put my props usb in it either, I just didn't think to.
I really don't know why more controller manufacturers aren't doing this (adding usb slots so that controllers become usb hubs rather than dead ends). This is actually my first usb bus powered controller as well. Everything else I have owned has been synths and literal MIDI controllers (which rely on DC power and a separate MIDI interface). Boy have I been missing out on convenience! Lol.

Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
So ittle-bitty lol - I do like the matching colors though
It is a great color combo! I had also taken a picture that was a bit closer to the ignition key (which made everything else completely indistinguishable) and figured that picture would be a bit misleading as folks start asking, "Is that a Propellerhead keyboard???!"