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Login with ignition key

If Reason can authenticate using the ignition key...

Why not have it so Reason can authenticate the online login data based on the ignition key data?

As it is now, when you have your key in, if you are still 'trying' Rack Extensions, you will be prompted to login or continue without...

I think the capability to avoid all of that with the key inserted would be great.

Perhaps the user could be given the Reason preference to "not automatically login when key is inserted" (to avoid a prompt telling them the connection failed or simply because they don't want Reason logging in for them). Or, perhaps that dialog isn't so bad? (since the user is presented with one window of dialog as it is). It would simply say, "Reason failed to connect to the server, continuing without try licenses (click 'ok' or 'retry connection'). Or even a window that simply says, "Would you like to login to use your TRY licenses?" And then it would just be a 'Yes' or 'No' buttons (no need for inputting info when the ignition key is in).

The benefit here being (with automatic login), the user would not have to enter any information or be presented with any dialog if their ignition key is in and they have an internet connection.

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