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Smile Self-Contain Audio Tracks

Wishes in order of importance...

1. Self-Contain Audio Track Option

I am currently collaborating on a 6.4Gb Reason recording session across the internet. I would like to be able to un-self-contain the data from the audio tracks, so that we can pass a smaller file back and forth.

2. Submix Busses

Right now sub-mixes are very tedious to set up and work with in Reason. I would think this is probably something you are working on already being as most DAWs have this.

3. Midi Out

It's years on and I still can't use my external MIDI hardware, kinda bummed about that. Would really love to record my Access Virus TI, and record the output back in as an audio track when I make my final mix.

Still... the software has moved on leaps and bounds over the years. And IMO, its still the quickest, easiest way to forget the interface and just be creative.

Great work!