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I think it sound pretty nice to be your first "ever" reason track even if it not my cup of tea

It seems like you coud work more with the dynamic. "Etch Red" If you whana spend cash on Re fx.

Also work more with delay "left & right" that bring it to a more dreamflow.
I like to some use RV70000 Eco throught the line mixer. Then you can controll the L&R pan. Or use the nasty Pulsar to controll that stuff

Finaly let me just write one more thing " Sidechain the beat and play god

Ive got some personal favorites if you thinking about to get some RE-fx/instrument

♥PREDATOR (Rob Papen) gave Reason to LOVE reason. Massive pads & arp & seq etc etc
♥Rob Papen RP Distort give your instrument collour from heaven "or hell if you like"
ECHOBODE is a wounderfull fx tool. Give your sond wieard sound and personality
Polar dual (If you dare) This one is fukcing crazy. be warned!
Snyapse is one of my favorite instrument standing next beside ♥Predator♥ She or he "if you like" let you automate every singel button/knob and that give you the perfect ingredience to make the raw electro toucht in your music.

Well i coud keep going for hours but i stop here for a while. I hope i coud give you atleaste one "aha!"

Good luck & Dare to think outside the box ♪