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Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
Very good VDubstep ' ambeience is not somthing i really listen to , how about throwing-in the "dripping Taps effect"! rather like being in a Huge Cave listening to "Reverbed water drops" carry them with huge amounts of Verb-DECAY ' almost endless in the 5th 6th 7th octave range / Soundscape! i recomend [RV7000] ! Ps i think the mastering sounds ok ' Subb sounds good / Kit sounds good '
Nice suggestion, I had thought about adding in some effects and textures like that. Might have to try that with some manipulation see what that sounds like. Thanks for the feedback as well, much appreciated.

Originally Posted by mastertonyd View Post
I like the way you've contained that massive sub bass!
Thanks, I really wanted to make it stand out without drowning everything else. The multiband compression helped a lot, I tried a mastering template for a comparison and there was massive pumping so I'm quite happy myself with the way I tried to handle everything.