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Combi modifications

I've asked for this before, but I primarily use Reason for live keyboards and guitar, not looping or composition.

I'd like to have a button to expand the keyboard display in the range assignment window to show the entire keyboard range. This would eliminate having to scroll back and forth endlessly when assigning devices to different areas of my keyboards. When you're assigning devices, you don't need to access the routing matrix. In other words, click a button, expand the keyboard display over the routing matrix area, assign all your devices wherever you need them on the keyboard, reclick the button to collapse the keyboard display and rout your controls. It sure would speed up programming my keys!

Another thing that would be helpful is a button that would turn the combi buttons into radio buttons. When I'm playing live, I assign physical controls (keys/footswitches/buttons) to the combi buttons to toggle between different devices or sounds. That means to change between one sound and another, I have to hit a button to turn one sound on and another button to turn the other sound off. Radio buttons would perform that automatically. There is a workaround, but it's time-consuming and complicated. It would be nice not to have to go through all that just to toggle between sounds.

I realize Reason is primarily a studio product, but I've been using it extensively in a live band situation now for at least 5 years. LOVE it.

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