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How to fix Sustain Pedal using Arturia Keyboard

I thought I posted this problem here but I guess I only filed a Support Ticket.

But in case someone runs into this (or similar type issue) I thought I'd post my fix.

If someone knows how to make it stick for all new projects I'd appreciate it.

With Reason Closed
Goto C:\ProgramData\Propellerhead Software\Remote\Codecs\Lua Codecs\Arturia
Edit AE49.LUA

{name="suspedal", input="button"},
{name="suspedal", input="value", min=0, max=127},

And Replace
{pattern="b0 40 xx", name="suspedal", value="1"},
{pattern="b0 40 xx", name="suspedal", value="x"},

In Reason Delete the AE49 Keyboard and Add it Again (probably not be required but won't hurt)
Under Option Menu->Addition Remote Overrides...
Select "Damper Pedal"
Hit Edit...
Step on Pedal a couple times (it should fill in all the fields)

This last step needs to be done per project file. I don't know how to set it for all projects.

I tried to figure out why it does not map it in the first place by default but gave up.
By the way I got ZERO response filing a Ticket with Arturia.
At least Reason responded blaming Arturia for a broken Codec.
I'm not sure who is responsible for the LUA Codec files for Arturia Keyboards.