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I've been away from Reason for a while, but will side with James on this one. As someone who was introduced to Propellerhead Software by way of ReBirth (which eventually led to my purchase of Reason when v.2 released) , I too struggled with the Rebirth ReDrum ReFills that followed, and settled for using the ReBirth input machine instead...

It's almost 2013 now, and since ReBirth has long since been retired (not counting the AWESOME revival on iOS), it would be great if the Propellerheads gave us a ReBirth Rack Extension, or as someone mentioned on Pg. 1, if Roland themselves revived the TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 units themselves as Rack Extensions - Let's just not get greedy and go too steep if you offer them separately, OK?

I would go bananas! It would also give me a LOT of incentive to upgrade my Reason to 6.5!!!

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