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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
i had NEVER touched the masterfader.. For 12 months, not
I do something wrong???

if there is a need to pull them down.. i think there is something wrong in the mix

if you have an Analogue Mixer.. and push 12-16 channels in.. with max. Gain..
you have distortion in the master buss..
even if you pull the fader down ,...

i dont know.. but i think it is not good to do it this way,.. with the master fader pull down!
... I didn't say you have to use the master fader to do "nothing wrong", I just told the OP how he can solve his problem the easiest way without changing his whole mix. And as you say, what you fear applies to *analog* mixers, as I explained the digital mixer in Reason doesn't exhibit this issue.

Certainly its not good practice to mix with levels like these, as I mentioned some plugins might react funny due to their thresholds and similar things. Still theres easily enough headroom in the mixer to handle some clipping. It only comes into play when you export, thats why using the master fader to pull it down is fine.
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