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Originally Posted by nhansen View Post
Yes it is different, for other DAWs theres only one spot where they have to compensate: Where the channel gets mixed into the bus (or the bus into the output) and the user always knows this. In Reason that can be anywhere in the signal flow, even between two plugins. And if you delay that other channel it could in turn again influence something else (like a CV or split output).

And you can compensate manually already as I said, just add a delay in the channel that has none atm (DDL-1 with feedback set to zero).
Maybe Auto PDC might be harder to implement than other DAWS but I wouldn't think it is impossible.

I think we all know some extra code would be involved and would take some time for the Props to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

At some point Props will have to address this. It probably even is creating issues on the type of plug-ins that can be designed for REs. Certain VST plug-ins add a huge amount of latency (Izotope Nectar).