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Originally Posted by joeyluck View Post
So, it's very convenient these days to have unlimited racks, yet it then puts some things just out of reach.

Sure, some will probably say, "Mess with the mastering at the end, then you won't have to access it everywhere else in the rack." However, I tend to like to mix into the mastering (or at least some of it).

My suggestion is to have a "ghosting" Master Section at the top of each rack (as a Reason preference to enable or disable). This way, you can access everything in the Master Section from any rack. Maybe it would be a bit translucent or greyscaled? Something to signify that it is simply a 'copy' or 'shortcut' to the Master Section.

I suppose another answer that may be given will be that the navigator makes it easy enough...

Thoughts on this?
I do exactly the same. Sometimes I over-master, because of tired ears or whatever. Things get cludded up. Then I completely rebuild the rack from the bottom up (technically) just so that I know that how I intended to make it is now also the fact. This brings 2 benefits, some project are years old and needed a revamp anyway, but sometimes is makes you look at the bigger picture better. (its not as cludded/clouded technically), also you can then eq everything to taste again and by layering part by part and making sure they fit you get the groove going. It's amazing what can happen when you do this, I can tell from experience.

Anyway thats just my thought on mixing and mastering

Edit: I forgot to say, thisway you wont have to worry about your question anymore.

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