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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
One of my mates uses RME Hammerfall and says it's top draw. I look the idea of one of these with this 4x4 audio i/o expansion board. Very nice & I wouldn't have to concern myself with any USB woes, which is very appealing. A PCI/PCI-e board has got to be better than a USB/Firewire option even today surely?

PCI or PCIe is much faster and much more stable than this USB sh*t!!!
The Firewire (Multifaces by RME) are pretty good also.

with the RME9632 you have ADAT IN and OUT.. Midi In and Out and also SPDIF and a good headphone preamp.
in combination with a "Marian Adcon" ADAT interface (8x IN&OUT) it is the ultimate weapon

The RME-Card sounds very clear and analytically.
It does not add any coloring and does not distort.

i had a

Emu 1616M PCI (good)
M-Audio Delta 2496 (mhh okay)
Motu 828MK2 (good)

but the RME is still the best for me.
it is stable, it sounds f*cking clean and it has the lowest possible latency i had ever used.

EDIT: and the drivers are always up to date!!

do not start laughing now ..
but this track on soundcloud, below (gain toy demo),
I've produced it with the onboard sound-card from my motherboard and an ASIO4ALL driver..

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