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Originally Posted by soniclover View Post
Recently I've downloaded a couple of free refills. While running 6.5.2 I copied the extracted file to the Reason folder. Reason couldn't "see" the refill. After resrtarting Reason it was OK. The same happened by the next refill. As far as I can remember in earlier Reason versions the refills were recognized even while Reason was running.
I don't think that's ever been the case, as it searches locations every time it starts, although to what purpose is anyone's guess, as it doesn't speed up the browser when the program has finished loading!

Many of us here feel the current browser is beyond redemption and needs a ground-up reworking. My own view is a searchable cache that can be re-built at any time by the user via the Prefs menu is one essential feature that would go a long way towards improving ReFill (and now RE patch) browsing, even if the rebuild process itself took eight hours. I'd happily run it overnight.

It would need two additional settings - Rebuild Cache (long method), Add New/Updated to Cache (add stuff that isn't in the current Cache in the search locations, and/or newer versions of files than are in existing Cache).
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