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Originally Posted by soniclover View Post
Recently I've downloaded a couple of free refills. While running 6.5.2 I copied the extracted file to the Reason folder. Reason couldn't "see" the refill. After resrtarting Reason it was OK. The same happened by the next refill. As far as I can remember in earlier Reason versions the refills were recognized even while Reason was running.
I actually have a similar problem, when I search for a patch in a certain directory within a session of Reason and add new things to the directory from outside reason (e.g. add another folder to the patchfolder with patches) it wont display the new directories until you reaccess the directory. But when you then go back to the session in reason and want to add another patch, it will not show the directories that were added again. You have to reaccess the directory again and there they are. But then when you restart reason (which isnt always the easiest solution) they will show up.