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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
i had NEVER touched the masterfader.. For 12 months, not
I do something wrong???

if there is a need to pull them down.. i think there is something wrong in the mix

if you have an Analogue Mixer.. and push 12-16 channels in.. with max. Gain..
you have distortion in the master buss..
even if you pull the fader down ,...

i dont know.. but i think it is not good to do it this way,.. with the master fader pull down!
You are correct about ANALOG consoles, but this is not at all the way a digital mixer works, and is definitely not the way Reason works with it's floating point internal architecture.

Pulling down the master fader on a mix that is clipping WILL prevent clipping. The thing to remember is that with Reason, the ONLY place you can clip is the hardware interface/output. Unlike an analog console, you cannot clip the mix bus OR any other gain stage prior to the final output. Hope this makes sense. :-)
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